3 facts why you should invest in your self-confidence right now

Yes, we all want it: This sexy thing calld self-confidence. Self-confidence isn’t a nice to have thing and by the way it’s nothing you are just born with or not (read more about the myths about self-confident people here …).

Being self-confident offers you a strong base for all your thinking, acting and being – that’s what we all know, right? But what exactly will it change in our life next to just feeling great? Here are 3 facts why you better start today rather than tomorrow with boosting your self-confidence:


Being self-confident brings your focus back to your inside instead of to the outside. Why is this a good thing? The world out there is insecure – nothing is granted or secure.

There is nothing wrong with listening to others but make sure you listen to yourself as well. Building up your life only on opinions from others  – no matter how skilled or experienced they might be – is a dangerous path as you only can control and own your own kingdom and that’s your inner wildlife, your skills and ability to change.

Being self-confident means to take your opinion, your instincts and your intuition for real and to use them as wise expertsin order to create your proper lifestyle.


Self-confidence is a pacifier. Remember the last time you felt really self-confident?! As exciting this might have been it always was connected with a deep inner peace of mind, wasn’t it?

Knowing you will always find a way, being aware of your beYOUtiful self-value and loving yourself is extremely calming and consolatory in dark moments. When we are struggeling we miss exactly this state of inner peace that gives us the certainty that we will find a way no matter what happens next.

If you are self-confident enough to have this awareness of your own value you won’t let you down. You will have your own back. You truly will take care and believe in yourself.  Hence, you will be empowered to finding solutions instead of focusing on the problem. This is a strong foundation to live life on your own beautiful terms.

Last but not least, this inner peace of mind is deeply empowering inside out and helping you to embrace the more powerful decisions as you are connected with yourself and truly know what you really want and need.


Trust yourself and the others will follow. Simple as this.

Or do you trust a very insecure person? Studies show that people are more attracted by self-confident people as they transmit a kind of certainty. We all like it so it’s more inspiring to surround oneself with other self-confident people that are not afraid to share their power and knowledge with the community.

Do you have kids? Or employees? Be a role model for them – help them to become their best version by showing them your best version every day. And remember: the best version doesn’t mean perfect – it means living in an authentic way, being ready to step out of your comfort zone and loving life and yourself unconditionally.

Self-confidence has got many faces – show the world yours!

Self-confidence’s got many faces. And to make sure it’s not just a quick fix but deeply stable it needs to be ingrained to your mental, emotional and your physical being. Why?

You are never just a head-person, or a heart-person – you are having a mind and a soul and a body. These create an interconnectable unit.

Therefore, it might be you feel quite confident when it comes to your mental fitness but you lack self-esteem when it comes to your body – or the other way round.

We all have parts in us we are struggling with. Make sure you strengthen all aspects within you and create your truest physical, emotional and mental fitness to boost your self-confidence sustainably to live the life you are dreaming of.

So how to start with it now? Integrate the following baby steps day by day:

1. “Trump” yourself a bit

We can learn from anyone – even from Donald Trump. What does this guy teach us? He is just not doubting himself. He believes and sticks to his ideas no matter what. So far he has reached everything he aimed for – he became the president of the United States. And it seems the more others raise doubts about him the stronger he believes in himself. This (and yes, maybe only this, but hey this!) we can learn from him: Follow your beliefs and embrace them as it is the right thing to do – no matter what others tell us.

2.  Know your WHY

Ask yourself what is really important for you, what are your truest desires? What and who is worthy to fight for? And than remind yourself over and over again that this is what keeps your inner fire burning.

3. Do it your way

Stop comparing yourself – It’s a killer for your self-love. There might always be someone with the bigger success, the nicer body or the bigger support. Remember we are all unique and therefore out of competition. Stay true to your own style, create your way of being self-confident – many ways lead to rome.

4. Learn to stand up again and stand tall no matter what
Truthbomb: Life is a rollercoaster!

There will be ups and downs and the sun won’t shine out of your ass all day long. For no one it’s always easy – we live in a shiny Instagram world and sometimes it might look like there are others that are just the lucky ones. But let me tell you: Everyone knows failure and maybe the most successful ones are the most successful ones because they know failure, doubt and fear best – but they  own the game.

Activate the Roger Federer in you: See your “failure” as feedback and integrate it to progress and to get closer to your dreams.


You want to boost your self-confidence right now but don’t know where to start exactely?

If you want to, I am having your back.

I am helping people with their self-esteem and self-confidence for more than ten years. I tested all my tools on myself – as life often was quiet a handful for me as well – and with my clients.

And I brought it all together in this course called Self-confidence Booster. This course offers you not only inspiration but effective and doable power actions with happy habits for all 3 areas.

All you have to do is to step into the game.

I promise you, if you go for it with all your senses you are going to level up your self-confidence efficiently and with a lot of joy at the same time.

Take a deep breath and click here. 

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