Self empowerment and no blah blah

Hello Life Junkie! My name is Nicole Haut-Cavegn and I am happy to have you here.

Life is a crazy roller coaster ride – and sometimes it almost knocked me out of the car.

3 burnouts and other challenges led me to self-empowerment. I’ve tried pretty much everything about it
(don’t ask!) and learned a lot about me, others and life. And I’m still learning.

I am attached to the idea of ​​empowering myself and others to be full of strength, joie de vivre and energy. Curious what is so much more possible and hungry to contribute to a better world, because one thing is clear to me:

Empowered People empower the World.

I have been sharing the best of my knowledge and tools with my clients for over 10 years.

What else? Well, I still love to dance and work as an international fitness presenter, where I combine physical fitness with mental and emotional fitness.

My daughter is named after a wild heroine from a children’s book (and lives up to her name), sometimes I also coach in a hoodie and my husband, who is the male version of me and yet very different.

I can say “thank you” in 23 languages (the most important word!) and I have to live near the waters.
I like to challenge myself again and again and I love life.

Do you need a few hard facts about me? Here we go:

• Master of Arts (Psychology, business administration, media) Universität Zürich and Wien

• NLP Master Coach / DVNLP accepted

• Training and further education in systemic constellation work after Cécil Khalil

• CAS in Advanced Coaching, Hochschule Zürich

• various further educations in coaching and therapy like EFT, Mentale Fitness, Logosynthese, TRE etc.

• Robinson Wellfit Top Expertin

• Trainingmanager Dance at SAFS

• Founder und mother von

• Developer of three-dimensional fitness programs Dafunc & Dancess

Things I’m good at

It’s not easy to admit what you’re good at, but doesn’t it feel oh-so-good when you recognize it?

I am not a fortune teller or clairvoyant but I can read people very quickly and see where they are now, where they want to go and how to get there.

My methods are not conventional and free from dogmatism. I am not ordinary, you are not ordinary, so why should it be my methods for you?

Life is serious enough, isn’t it? I take you and my work dead seriously, but we will also laugh a lot. Get ready for it. Humor is the best medicine against everyday blues and a real catalyst when it comes to sustainable, effective change.

Your success is also my success.
We bring that shit down, because we both invest energy and time –
it should be worth it! No quick bleaching, but immediately implementable tools that bring you closer to your goal step by step and help you to keep your energy & zest for life high.

I speak your language and we implement. Philosophizing is nice, doing something brings change. Clarity, energy and power action – these are the cornerstones that accompany us.

Life wants to be lived. I’ll show you how to make your dreams come true. Now. No talking around the bush, but tacheless, because your and my time is too valuable for the waiting loop.