Self-Empowerment and No BS

Well hi there! My name is Nicole Haut-Cavegn…and I’m so pleased to have you here!
I’m a passionate dancer and international fitness presenter. My daughter’s named after a Heroine, my husband’s the male version of me. I coach in my hoodie and can say “thank you” in 23 languages (the most important word!). I need to live by the sea (I’m a water-person). I love pushing my limits out of the comfort zone – even if it really really hurts. And I love Life. This is real.

things i'm good at

it's not easy to admit what you're good at, but doesn't it feel oh-so-good when you recognize it?

reading people

I’m not a fortune teller or a clairvoyant, I can just read people and see where they’re at, where they’ve been and where they need to go. pretty cool.


My methods aren’t conventional, which means YOU’RE not conventional, which means, we’ll get on like a house-of-fire!


life can be serious enough right? there’s a time to be serious, but we need more time to laugh and be silly – it’s the best medicine.

i get results

just as there’s a time to laugh, there’s also a time to get down to the nitty-gritty. I tell it like it is and how it’s to be done.

i'm practical

I speak your language so there’s never a situation where one feels inferior to the other. we’re all equal with different levels of knowledge.

not being lukewarm

Life is meant to be lived. And I’m going to show you how to tap into your dreams, make them a reality and give you 100% clarity to move forward and live life.

timeline lookback

Deleniti atque corrupti quos dolores quas molestias excepturi sint occaecati cupidit provident,

Jan 08
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A man is born he's a man of means. Then along come two they got nothin' but their jeans. And we'll do it our way yes our way. Make all our dreams.
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Then along come two they got nothin' but their jeans. And we'll do it our way yes our way. Make all our dreams. He busy revin' up his Powerful Mach 5. The Brady Bunch the Brady Bunch that's the way.A man is born he's a man of means.

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It feels as a light bulb went on! Your coaching enabled me to find my self-worth and feel more relaxed about life and choices.

L.M. 29 years old

I had the most amazing weekend with you and felt absolutely amazing after our time spent together in your coaching sessions. I felt lighter, more confident and you deposited the feeling within me that I'm worth something. Thank you for this!

S.D. 32 years old

Irrespective if you're a manager or a stay-at-home-mom - the demands on us are growing daily. A sympathetic, worthy accompaniment with strong impulses from the outside can really help one, to find the right path in their life. Thank goodness, I found Nicole's coaching, which helped me with my old-thought patterns to find new and fresh ideas for living. In short: Already in my first session, I came one step closer to myself and full of energy. Coaching brought me way more insight than I could've imagined.

N.S. 42 years old

Your coaching was extremely helpful and I was pleasantly surprised, in how I achieved so much in such a short time. I was blown away from day one and left each meeting with a sense of calmness and knowing. Thank you for your help Nicole.


I sought you out, because of my panic attacks and health problems. From the word GO I felt a connection with you and your methods. You have such a special talent: You don't look down on my problems. You see ME and speak straight to my soul. And through that, you help me release my problems and fears. What I love the most is that you ensure that I'm not going to forget about my promises to myself - you make me promise to stick to my guns and look after and empower myself.

C.C. 29 years old

From our first meeting, in which you stated my coaching goals and stood by my side every step of the way, I knew that I was on the road to Life Addiction. Your competent and loving manner, gave me the necessary trust and courage to make my desires a reality. I am forever grateful to you for this! You have access to an unlimited reservoir of spontanaeity and life, not to mention all the creative ideas and helpful tools to put into practice. Absolutely fabulous!

G.S. 31 years old

During my coaching sessions with you, I discovered new and interesting awareness of myself and my life energy. I was able to relax and find myself with your coaching every step of the way. There was always such a strong strand of trust with you. It really really is possible to use the resources that are within you, to empower yourself. It's not impossible and yet does require your patience, however it will pay off in the long-run. And you'll learn to love your life and enjoy every minute of it.

M.G. 32 years old

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