Potential Coaching

400.00 CHF

You have a concrete topic that is just not moving forwards. It really gets on your nerves and it’s holding you back – so let’s start and have a look at it in a 90min session.

You don’t know where to start? No worries, together we will find it out.

We are meeting online through Zoom (a skype alternative) and check what will help you most right now. Then we go straight to the point and create a first power action that is a very efficient in your change process and that gives you a tool for your daily life. This means even after the Coaching session you know how to empower yourself.

The Kick-Start session is always suitable when you have a specific topic or if you seem to have quite a few topics and simply don’t know where to start.

It does not matter in which situation you are, your goal is to change something in your life and to get the right push into the right direction you are wishing for.

Some topics that other clients managed successfully after the Kick-start session are: fear during exams, dealing with stress and pressure, personal relationship problems or problems in business relations, break patterns in behaviors and create new happy habits.





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