Why on earth should you work with me of all places?

You have already seen one or the other motivational video on Facebook or have been to a seminar live. You are tired of the fact that the sparkling motivational fireworks quickly fade away in everyday life. Maybe you have even been in therapy or coaching. But somehow it just doesn’t really hit the mark. You want to start now and change your life today. After all, you only have one thing (unless you are a cat. Meow?).

The quality of a coach does not depend on his suit or her deux pieces and you know that. You want a sparring partner at eye level, a life junkie who has crawled through life on all fours and like the phoenix out of Ash has risen (at least so, picture it!). A real person with all his imperfections but with know-how and expertise that will take you further.

You don’t have to do everything on your own. Not during the coaching process and not afterwards. You are not alone with me and my tribe. Connect with like-minded people who are life junkies just like you. Network with people who take you further. Empowering people who empower each other and the world.

You can work with me this way

Gamechanger Online-Coaching Course

Game Changer

Intensive online coaching course

A daily self-empowerment task that takes you personally forward plus growth circles with like-minded people. Strengthen your self-esteem, train your mental power, learn to use your body intelligence and learn how to empower your everyday life. A real game changer!



We are the sum of our experiences

There is a lot of truth to this quote. To survive, we learn early on what it takes to be loved. If our tactics work, we will maintain them as an adult – even if we limit ourselves with them. So whenever you see a pattern in your life that somehow you just can’t get rid of, it’s worth taking a closer look. Likewise, when the relationship with your parents is stressful. It really doesn’t have to be. And does it cost a lot of strength that you can use better in other ways?


Family constellations Rapperswil Zurich


Single 1:1 transformation session

After a preliminary discussion, let’s start with a transformation session and a topic that blocks and annoys you. You don’t even know what to start with? Let’s find out together.


Empowerment Coaching Onlinecoaching
Empowerment Coaching Onlinecoaching

VIP silver

Focus on coaching process 1:1

You bring up the topic that is all about you. We focus on getting you ready, clear obstacles and activate your superpower. Highly effective change work in a field of your choice – over 4 months.


Premium High Performance Coaching Empowerment

VIP gold

1:1 From Now to Wow-Coaching

This is the right package for you if you want to change your life quickly and highly effectively. Get out of the hamster wheel and into your power. Clarity, energy and power action – tailor-made for you. Accompaniment in everyday life and powerful change work over 6 months.